Infographic: Maternity Cost & Insurance in Hong Kong

What are the things you need to consider when looking for Health Insurance that covers maternity costs? As an expat in Hong Kong, one should be aware that despite the country’s high standard of public healthcare, there are still some drawbacks to subscribing to non-private hospitalisation during maternity. The long wait and the difficulty of getting consisitent care from the same doctor are two of the most common problems you can face.
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Securing Your Retirement with Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a product that aims to solve many financial problems. Premature death or accident is the primary reason for purchasing it. You can also have a Permanent Life Insurance policy to replace a pension if anything should happen to you.

During a person’s “family years, Term Life Insurance becomes a more preferred type of policy to secure finances in circumstances where one might not be able to provide for the children.

While insurance is not the go-to plan to fund retirement, a policyholder may still choose to take advantage of it to supplement their funds on top of their other savings and investments. The features of Permanent Life Insurance in particular allow you to better plan your retirement through “cash value.”blog_-_body_0


Hospitalization Costs: Insurance Cover for Hong Kong Expats

Hong Kong has 56 hospitals all with Ambulatory and Emergency units as well as general practice. Of these, 12 are private hospitals. Here is a list of private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Public healthcare in the country is one of the best in the world but as an expat, we always recommend that you secure proper health insurance for extreme cases where immediate hospitalization or repatriation is covered. The biggest disadvantages of subscribing to public hospital care are the long wait for check-ups and setting appointments, communication problems because of language, and the inconsistent medical attention because you’re unlikely to see the same doctor for follow-ups.

This is the cost of private healthcare in Hong Kong based from information from www.ha.org.hk:Untitled

A Hospitalisation Insurance is one way to ensure that you and your family’s emergency medical needs are covered. This is especially recommended for Hong Kong expats with chronic illness or critical health conditions which need immediate medical interventions.

A+ International Healthcare in partnership with Village Insurance Direct are offering a special promo for expats in Hong Kong. Applicants of any age who choose the Hospitalization Only policy (semi-private room) will get a 25% discount. We recommend getting this insurance while you’re young (18 to 30 years) to take full advantage of the lowest premium rate of USD$141/month.

The insurance features include:

  • Underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurers, AXA.
  • US$1.35m per annum of overall cover
  • Guaranteed renewability
  • Chronic conditions covered
  • Cancer covered
  • Congenital conditions covered
  • Complications of pregnancy – no waiting period (if plan started prior to being pregnant)
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Optional Dental and Optical
  • Wide range of agreements worldwide with healthcare providers

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Guide to Village Insurance Process

This is how we simplify insurance for you. Our team of insurance brokers will closely hand-hold clients throughout the entire process to make sure they make the best decisions for their personal and business protection.