Common Diseases During the Summer

We’re in the hotter season of the year and it’s important to take caution especially with common diseases that occur during the summer.

The fun of summer activities may be endless but there is also no shortage of ailments that could potentially ruin a holiday.

Here are some of the most commonly occurring diseases in the summer.

1. Heat Rash

Heat rash isn’t picky of its victims. It is common in children but affects adults just the same. Since the temperature goes up during summer, it can start affecting people who wear heavy layers of clothing.

Heat rashes are a product of humid conditions and develop when sweat ducts are clogged. They start to swell up, and the end result is a break of spots on the skin which causes discomfort and itching. While it heals by itself and doesn’t really require heavy medical attention, it can be treated my most creams and frequent bathing.

2. Heat stroke

The more appropriate medical term is “hyperthermia”. Heat stroke happens when the body is subject to high temperatures for an extended time.

The body has its own cooling mechanisms that can be seen through sweating or the feeling of thirst, but it can be easily overwhelmed when we are subjected to temperatures that can no longer be neutralized. With a body temperature of over 40°C, signs and symptoms start to take over like headaches and weakness. If unattended, it can result in organ failure or even death.

Hyperthermia can be treated with hydration and with the aid of ice packs. Individuals with extreme cases need to be monitored properly in hospitals to prevent complications.

3. Sunburn

You don’t get sunburn only from beach parties. Sun exposure in itself is the main cause of sunburns. You get them by heavy exposure to UV rays that deals with heavy damage to your skin cells. Sunburn doesn’t only hurt you when you get it. It can lead to long-term effects on the skin such as tissue damage or cancer.

The simplest way to avoid sunburn is to stay out of the sun, particularly when the heat becomes too unbearable. Preventive measures include using skin creams, staying in the shade, and wearing the appropriate clothing when you anticipate being outdoors for a period of time.

4. Diarrhea and stomach ailments

Heat is one of the most common contributing factors to food spoilage. Abrupt changes in the temperature in food preparation, such as sudden refrigeration and prolonged exposure to humid weather make for a quick recipe to ruin your favorite dish.

Food that lacks proper storage and preparation during the summer can lead to fits of stomach ache and diarrhea. The suspects behind food-borne diarrhea could either be viruses or bacteria. The most common diarrhea-causing bacteria include E. coli and Salmonella.

All these diseases shouldn’t scare you from having a proper summer. No matter the season, there will always be the risk of getting sick. All this calls for is a little awareness, and some preparation so there won’t be a reason to worry about anything.

Stay hydrated and put on suncreen. And if you’re going on holiday abroad, make sure to find travel insurance that covers emergency room confinement or more. Get in touch with us to get the best personal, family, or group plan for expats.