Village Insurance Ltd has partnered with ALC Health Ltd to provide a dedicated scheme for NET scheme members and a generous discount is available compared to the standard policy premium if you were to apply as an individual. In addition, there are special underwriting terms available provided that you (and your dependents, if applicable) join the scheme before the 1st of December 2015.

This group plan also applies Medical History Diregarded (MHD). This allows members to be enrolled without any exclusions relating to their previous medical history. Medical History Disregarded terms are extended to any subsequent joiners to the group. image1,1

The two options for teachers are the following:

  • Prima Classic Policy – The cash benefit is US$300 each night up to a maximum of 30 nights as an in-patient. The overall policy limit is US$1,875,000. This plan is designed to cover the essential costs of in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment with the option to add routine pregnancy and childbirth care, routine dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.
  • Prima Concept Plan – The cash benefit is US$150 each night up to a maximum of 30 nights for in-patient treatments. The overall policy limit is US$375,000. This is ALC Health’s lowest cost plan designed to cover private medical insurance at an affordable price by offering essential private medical treatment with the option to include evacuation or repatriation cover.

Claims made for this health insurance has a dedicated helpline as well as access to unlimited online resources for members. Members will be assisted through the step-by-step guide at making claims 24/7. In addition, any need for emergency blood transfusion will be covered because of the plan’s association with The Blood Care Foundation.

To get started on this special health insurance for teachers, get in touch with Village Insurance Direct through email: mark.bromhead@villageholdingsinsurance.com