Travel Trends in 2022: Domestic, Sustainable, Self-actualizing

Sustainability, domestic travel, and mental & physical wellness are set to be the biggest travel trends in 2022 – this is according to École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is a Swiss school that offers a Master of Science in Global Hospitality Management course in partnership with Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University.

The school conducted interviews and surveys with a wide network of industry experts, colleagues, and students from various backgrounds.


Travel Trend 2022: Sustainability

The travel and hospitality industry needs to practice sustainability in most, if not all, aspects of its operations. Avid and casual travelers are now more aware and conscious of the environmental impact of visiting local and foreign places. Showing that your place of business takes steps towards eco-friendly practices increases visitor trust and preference this 2022.

What the pandemic has taught many travelers is the fragile state of man and nature whereby it’s important to disturb the natural state of things as little as possible – leaving as little carbon footprint as possible.

Sustainable measures include:

– Careful selection of consumable goods and building materials
– Increased use of green energy
– Hiring locals for manpower
– Offering more vegan/vegetarian cuisine options
– Better waste management

Such measures will appeal to more travellers who want to spend their time and money purposefully.


Travel Trend 2022: Domestic Holiday

The unpredictability of lockdowns and border entries has made international holidays less appealing. There’s added cost, time, and stress when all one wants to do is take a break. Staying closer to home is a practical choice and a great alternative where one can (re)discover their “backyards” and contribute to the recovery of their communities.

Hospitality businesses have also integrated the concept of “work and play” where there’s a pivot towards “workations” with facilities catering to fast Internet connectivity, meeting/break rooms for groups, soundproofed booths for video calls, and other offers.

Travel sites and apps have even been seen to feature long-term remote office stays. This will continue to evolve as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.


Travel Trend 2022: Solo Travel

The pandemic has also readjusted many of people’s perspectives on the things that matter most. There’s been a pseudo-Rennaisance of old crafts, art, special interests, and so much more.

Trends indicate a rise in solo travel as well as self-discovery experiences. With this increase in self-care and mindfulness, solo travel lets one appreciate time alone with meditative value, discovering the world without distractions while making new friends.

Flexible work has made all this possible with many companies using this benefit to keep good talent and acquire new ones. Work-life balance comes into the spotlight this 2022 and people have discovered new ways of achieving it with self-actualizing travel.

In addition, holistic services and amenities will be sought after (and perhaps expected) from hospitality businesses. This shift is an opportunity to expand, explore, and upgrade operations in a post-pandemic world.


Why More People are Choosing to Travel Alone

Traveling solo at least once in your life can be one of the most liberating and eye-opening experiences. The Internet has changed the culture of travel by becoming a platform for awareness of different exotic places as well as increased the urge to share our personal lives with friends and strangers. A large group of the expat community in Hong Kong live this kind of life and they would be the first people to attest to the value of exploring new territories on your own.

We are only young and strong once in our lives and getting invaluable life lessons by traveling is a chance we should take when it presents itself. So why are more people traveling solo?

1.       You have no one to worry about but yourself.

The comfort of having zero responsibility to anyone is a needed break from our busy work lives. This makes it easy for you to plan your journey and you have the freedom to make any change without a second thought. Do everything you want and nothing you don’t want.

2.        Experience real local life.

Traveling with other people does not often elicit a need to dive deeper into a country’s local culture because you already have people you can talk to and engage. However, being alone in an unfamiliar place pushes you to connect with your immediate community because these are the people you can possibly turn to in case you need help. You are also more uninhibited about impressions towards you because no one really knows you. Learn the language, break your routines, live a different life.Quote_imge_2,1

3.       Make new friends, or don’t.

Meet fellow expats and travelers or choose to be antisocial. It’s really all up to what you feel like doing. Hunt for hole-in-the-wall cafes and enjoy being with your own thoughts or go out at night and create a new network of interesting individuals at your own pace.

4.       It makes you more resourceful and confident.

Leaving your comfort zone increases your threshold. Hesitation is normal especially for anyone doing it for the first time but once you find yourself backpacking through the countryside or ordering your meal with broken local language, your self-assurance instantly gets a boost and you will discover things about yourself you have not yet realized. Most expats have said that after their first solo trip, they made sure that they would be able to do it again.

5.       The trip is more profound.

Whether you hated the place you visited or fell in love with the country and the people, the experience is an unforgettable one mainly because it’s solely yours. The satisfaction of checking off an item from your bucket list and having done so on your own is incomparable.

Make plans, break itineraries and gain more perspective from people and places. Try it at least once. And if you do decide to go for it, don’t forget to secure proper Travel Insurance for yourself. Get a Third Party Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan to get covered for more risks—from loss baggage to repatriation in case of any medical emergencies. We can help.

Good luck and safe travels!