Hong Kong’s public health care system covers expats with an identification card, children under the age of 11 with resident status and those approved by the Hospital Authority Chief Executive. The country has one of the best hospital facilities in Asia with highly reputable doctors. However, we as well as the government, encourage expats be privately insured to ensure a better care in case of unforeseen circumstances that cannot be easily resolved by the public healthcare system.

There are 3 types of Medical Insurance for expats in Hong Kong.

  • In patient cover – an insured person admitted to a hospital bed and out of medical necessity is required to stay for one or more nights. You’re also considered an inpatient when you’re formally admitted to the hospital with a doctor’s order. The day before you’re discharged is your last inpatient day.
  • Out patient cover an insured person who receives treatment but who is not required to be admitted to a hospital bed.
  • Day patient cover – an insured person who is admitted to a hospital bed but does not remain in hospital overnight

Given that you’ve paid your deductible and coinsurance this how in patient cover will work in a hypothetical Emergency Room situation:ITA_-_table_2

In extremely critical emergency case when the hospital is unable to provide for your medical needs, there is Evacuation or Repatriation. This means moving you to another hospital which has the necessary medical facilities either in the country you are taken ill or another country nearby (evacuation) or bringing you back to your principal country of residence or your home country (repatriation). An International Health Insurance will generally cover your expenses if such a need arises. Make sure you know which countries are covered and which specific charges and fees can the policy pay for. Some Travel Insurancepolicies offer coverage for emergency evacuations so if you are staying in Hong Kong for a short period of time, we recommend you explore this option as well.

Feel free to send us your insurance questions or ask for a health insurance quote. If you have Whatsapp on your phone, you may also get answers to quick questions by sending a message to Village Insurance with this number: +852 6532 4047 (for Whatsapp Only).