Leasing out one’s property to tenants has its drawbacks but considering the demand (and returns) for apartments in Hong Kong, the trouble is often worth the minor trouble.

One can never truly know how a tenant will take care of your property once the contract is signed which why making renter’s insurance mandatory can spare you plenty of time and money if problems arise.

Adding renter’s insurance to your lease agreement can increase the cover on your property and lower operational costs long term. Think of it as another line of defence when there’s an emergency.


Having renter’s insurance helps reduce repair costs in case of fire and other damages due to accidents. It also keeps your own insurance premium low by reducing the claims on the policy.

Knowing that accidents leading to damage to your apartment are covered can also help quickly resolve disputes between landlord and tenant. Blaming the other party is a very common result of property damage and having insurance that relieves the anxiety of losing money saves everyone from unnecessary conflict.

What does renters insurance cover - Village Insurance Direct

In addition to reimbursement of lost items, some renter’s insurance policies may even cover temporary living expenses when there’s a need to vacate the space during repairs.

More importantly, with renters insurance, tenants are less likely to pursue legal actions against you.

It’s a win-win for both.


1. It’s affordable. One can get insurance for as low as HK$38 a month. Village Insurance can help expats find the best and cheapest policies in Hong Kong.

2. It can cover expensive stuff owned by the tenant like computers, sports equipment, furniture, and more. It’s important to note that a tenant’s personal items won’t be covered by the landlord’s property insurance during a fire or if their laptop is stolen, just because they are not the owner of the apartment.

3. Renter’s insurance can include legal fees and medical payments in case someone (e.g. a guest) claims to have been injured because of the tenant’s actions or negligence.

4. Better landlord-tenant relationships are built when the right insurance policies are in place. With fewer worries, both parties are more likely to stay within the agreement for a longer time.

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